RadioShack Hotline

RadioShack Hotline             1-877-RADIO99 (1-877-723-4699)

The RadioShack Hotline is available to anyone wishing to report suspected unethical, dishonest, or illegal business conduct. RadioShack encourages its team members and shareholders to use the Hotline to report any issues of suspicion.

Team members are requested to use this system if they suspect a violation of Company policy has occurred. The RadioShack Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


           Accounting or auditing irregularities
           Destroying, altering or falsifying company records
           Violations of antitrust, environmental or other governmental compliance regulations
           Insider trading
           Conflicts of interest
           Release of Proprietary Information
           Retaliation against Whistleblowers
           Sexual Harrassment
           Workplace Violence/Threats
           Theft of Cash, Goods/Services or Time
           Customer Relations

When calling to report a violation, a trained Interviewer will ask questions to document the situation. All calls will be handled confidentially. Calls are not recorded. Callers may choose to leave a name and contact number. If the caller chooses to remain anonymous, the Interviewer assigns them a report number and asks them to call back on a specified date. When Callers make follow-up phone calls to the Hotline, they may be asked additional questions or asked to add additional information to the report.

Anonymous Contact

While the RadioShack Hotline is available to team members wishing to remain anonymous when reporting their concerns, please note that it is frequently difficult to address and resolve concerns without the involvement of all of the parties. We prefer to support an open atmosphere where team members may voice their concerns without fear of recrimination.

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